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Advocate, Author, Consultant, Content Marketer, and FORMER Head Loss Mitigator: IndyMac Bank with almost 40 Years of Real Estate Related Experience

1986 Invescor Inc. Reo Asset Management company for Beneficial of California, Asset Manager

1993 GMAC/Homecomings, Asset Manager

1997 Henry Nunez Real Estate Company, Developer & Realtor

2001 IndyMac Inc., Asset Manager: Home construction lending & Head Loss Mitigator: HELOC Division

2007 Short Sale Genius LLC, Speaker/Trainer

2010 Lee Honish LLC, Advocate, Author, Consultant www.Honish.io

2011 Certified Default Advocacy Training, Founder

2011 Advocate Marketing founder

2011 Monster Marketing founder

2011 – 2019 “Top 100 Influential marketers in America”

2012-2019 “Top 100 Innovative marketers in America”

2020 Founder www.PerfectBlueStudio.io Content & Marketing

2020 Brand Ambassador www.everhome.io

2021 President & Director of Education www.HomeAdvocates.io

*(Without exaggeration) Millions and Millions of Views, Live and on Digital Platforms.

Lee Honish | Content Marketing
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